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Remember that thing I said about marbling?



Because I do. All the time and everywhere, I said.

Every night for the past week when I’ve been preparing for bed, I’ve thought about how the striped toothpaste might possibly… and then I start brushing my teeth, because when you rise at 04:30 in the morning, you’re too tired for that sort of things.

But yesterday I got fed up with just thinking about it. I used a toothpick to make some kind of fan pattern (on the left) and some sort of double comb pattern (on the right).

And then I brushed my teeth and went to bed (one and a half hour too late).



Making parchment – part three

My dead sheep has become considerable less disgusting. I guess I’m getting used to it.

I’m too tired to think in English right now, but the pictures are rather self-explanatory.


There goes the goals

Yeah, that thing about updating every other day? I blame Easter. And my wonderful dormmates from last year, who came to celebrate it with me. Easter egg hunts are way better with zombies, that’s all I’m saying.

I should be working on my exhibition books now, but first I’m going to queue up a few blog posts. Just because.

I’m trying to translate a story I’d like to post. It’s much, much harder than just writing it in English. I have a much larger vocabulary in Swedish, and really a different vocabulary altogether. But we’ll see. It’s about dogs and space, so it’s got to be good.

Oh, and my egg painting skills surprised even me. Just look!



Mr. Tilney, from Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen


Can't you see it's Mount Doom and Barad Dûr? And yes, I can write Tengwar.

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