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Till the day I die – the good parts

The LARP was amazing. The people in my group were fantastic both in game and as themselves. We had care of about fifteen other refugees (since the whole story was about fleeing from a magic war), so we cooked food for about 221 people every day on a small wood-fired stove. Maybe it was the way everything tastes better outdoors, but the food really was great. I had brought lots and lots of chocolate for when we set up camp, and lots and lots of homemade toffee for when we were in game, so everybody liked me…

It’s hard to describe what happened in game without it sounding really weird, but I’ll try to give you an idea of it.

I, as my character Novice Ermin, have talked to a hero, talked back to a living saint, had a vision of a dead saint, banished a demon, given water to a tired and thirsty knight, sung songs that I’ve written myself, cried, laughed and even made some new friends.

This was the good parts. Tomorrow, or whenever I get the time, I’ll tell you about the horrible parts. For now, have a picture of Sara making the butter that we ate there.

Also, here’s another appearance of the marble sent to me by D.A. Bancroft. For those who don’t know, he’s got some sort of weird project that consists of placing a marble in every country in the world. This is the one he sent to me in Sweden, and of course I couldn’t pass up the chance of doing something slightly impossible and taking a picture of it I’m a fictional country. So this, dear D.A. is your marble in the country of Nedan in the world Kastaria.


I’m too tired to save the world

I’m going to the forest tomorrow for two days of camp-building and plotting, and three days of singing, praying and hopefully saving the world. The fictional world of Kastaria, that is.

These last two days have been filled with preparations. I needed to fix my green wool dress, so now it’s got thirty new hand-sewn buttonholes and five new hand-sewn buttons. I hope to even out the numbers tomorrow, in the car. I’ve written two new songs, and dyed papers in tea (and put them on the bathroom walls to dry, which actually worked surprisingly well) to print song books and a recipe book on. I’ve made toffee that I can give to everybody while we’re in character, and brought chocolate to give to everybody while we’re out of character. Both me and my character really believes in solving everything with sweets.

Till the day I die

Next weekend, I’m going to a LARP (live acting role play or something like that – lajv in Swedish). I’ll be a novice in a convent follwing the (fictional) Saint Tuva of the truth, at the moment fleeing from the war that has already taken our village, Glimminge.

We’re a pretty serious group, with lots and lots of backstory-making, clothes-sewing and of course song-writing. The music to this song is written by my friend Sara, the lyrics by me. Another friend and group member, Björn, sang it in harmony with himself.

The song has the same title as the LARP: Till the day I die

Rough translation from Swedish:

The sun that rose is already sinking
The day that broke has turned to night
And in the hearth, the glow is fading
Saint Tuva’s folk is fleeing

From our home we have been driven away
Our Glimminge is wrecked
In ours hearts it will remain
Our village is with us where we go

So dark is the night around us true ones
So cold the storm sweeping around us
In shadows are we alone
Only Tuva is always with us

If the truth shall be victorious at last
You have to keep the light with you
And through the darkness follow the way
Where Tuva takes you towards the truth

Of our world only ruins are left
So dark the night in front of us
But within me, a light is still shining
It will shine till the day I die.

Some sewing

I just realised there’s something missing on this blog. I’ve had books, stories, books, ribbons, musings and books, even a cake (and more books), but I haven’t showed you any of my clothes yet. That has to be changed. Right now.

Three dresses for today, I think.

The first one is quite old. I was… seventeen when I made it. I think. And I’m twenty four now. Oh my. Really, where does all the time go? Anyway, I saw some fabric in the store that was so shiny that I just had to own it. I made some quick calculations then and there and bought almost enough fabric for a corset that could be worn with two different dresses (the long skirt didn’t get as full as I wanted it to, but it works anyway.)

The second one is a medieval dress in red linen fabric, made around 2008. I loved it, but then I outgrew it and gave it away. Dyed linen fabric isn’t strictly historical anyway. The belt and bag is also made by me, of course.

The third one is a medieval dress that I will never ever part with, even if it’s slightly to small now (I do love baking). Wool with buttons in the same fabric. It’s not as horribly warm as it sounds, and as you can see, I can open it and let it hang loose over a belt if it gets too hot. (That picture is from a LARP, so the scared expression belongs to the character).



Se, runt om dig står skogen grön



In between having a cold and hence sniffling and/or sleeping through most of this weekend’s LARP meeting, I had time to sit and pose dramatically in the forest, work out a great deal about my character (and find out that she actually resembles be a lot, and not in a good way), not fall for any April First jokes (but assuming that the status update about a train catching fire in front of Björn was one (it wasn’t)) and eat lots and lots of lovely food.

A good weekend, I’d say.

Possibly planning world domination

I’ve just had the most interesting theological discussion in a long while, about needing both darkness and light to find the truth and other related topics.

It’s for a LARP.

Other than theology, we’re planning how we will eat b
etter than all other groups on the LARP, the precise details of our prayer pillows and how the fabric in our clothes would have been dyed.

The planning really is the best part of LARPing…

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