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Veronika and the dragon

This is a book my father wrote when I was small, and illustrated with me as the model for Veronika. I made it into a pop up book for our class’ exhibition Sagolika bokband. The picture on the cover is painted by my father, the rest is drawn and constructed by me.

The book tells the story (in verse, or I would try to translate it) of the princess Veronica, who lives in a marble castle. One morning, she climbs up into the mountains, where she finds a red and golden egg. She returns to it every day, and one day, a dragon hatches. The small dragon becomes her best friend, scaring the princes in anearby castle when they tease her too much. They are living happily together, until Veronika suddenly wakes up. She is an ordinary girl, the castle was just a dream, and she will never see her dragon friend again – or will she? There is someone sitting at the end of her bed…

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