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When I was seven years old, I used to draw squirrels. Sometimes in bridal dresses. (I was a weird kid)

For a while, I was in love with geometrics. Stuff like this star (drawn by me age fifteen… and how did that suddenly get to be so long ago?), that I drew or sew. I had a flash of nostalgia recently when I saw a birthday card with this pattern in the kitchen of one of my mother’s friends. She had saved it for about ten years.
In high school, I wrote an embarrassing amount of names in the margins of my notebooks, over and over again. (It’s useful, now, I can date how old my notes/stories are by which name is written beside it…) Sometimes I drew a big heart and filled it with the names of all people that made me go warm and happy inside. Friends and crushes mixed with fictional characters from stories I’ve read or from my own head.

I also learned Tengwar, one set of Tolkiens elvish runes. That was good for when I wanted to be extra secret about the names or things I wrote. I was also very afraid of the one other person in my acquaintance who knew Tengwar.

Nowadays, my doodles have settled on the common theme of swirls. Swirls and leaves and small, small pictures. Like this:

This all makes me wonder what your doodles looks like. The things you draw when you’re really thinking about something else.

Take it as a challenge.



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