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The most beautiful Christmas Candy ever is really easy to make

Okay, let’s not talk about the fact that it’s almost one year since I last posted anything.

Let’s talk about marbling. Mmm, marbling…. and let’s talk about chocolate.

Like so:


It looks fantastic. And tastes wonderful. And is actually very easy to make.

You’ll need:

200g milk chocolate
60g coconut oil/coconut butter. (If you can’t find it, skip this part, and you’ll have marbled chocolate instead of ice chocolate)
50g white chocolate
50g dark chocolate

Melt milk chocolate and coconut oil and stir them together. Put a piece of parchment paper (that is, baking paper, not actual parchment – since this is mainly a bookbinding blog, I thought I should add that) in a large pan or a tray, anything with a flat bottom. Spread the ice chocolate on the parchment paper.

Before the chocolate hardens, melt the white and the dark chocolate, and use it to make a lot of horizontal lines across the ice chocolate. The white chocolate might be a bit hard to do fine lines with, it usually only want to come off the spoon in big clumps. That’s fine. It’ll be pretty in the end anyways.



Use the end of a match or something else (I used a large knitting needle) to draw lines across the white and dark chocolate. Draw them pretty close together. Be careful so that the needle or match doesn’t drip chocolate all over your pattern.



Draw lines from the top left to bottom right, four or five centimeters apart.  Then do the same but from the top right to bottom right. Allow me to illustrate in Paint:

solfjäderLike that. But prettier. Now you have a fan pattern! (Or you could make any other sort of pattern, of course. This is just the prettiest, if you ask me.)

Put the chocolate to cool in the fridge for at least half an hour, and you’re done! Now you just have to take a picture to show me!




Ghost chocolate and other things

So, I work at a chocolate factory. I’m working through a temp agency, so hardly know from week to week when and how much I’ll work. That’s kind of bad, but also kind of good, because I’m also studying creative writing, so the days I did get work, I’d get ahead with my studying.

The last two months I’ve been working full-time, so that plan didn’t really work… That’s also the reason I haven’t had much time for blogging, and no time at all to make books.

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I’m also doing NaNoWriMo, but more about that in some other post.

This is what happens when you’re too stressed at my work: you accidentally put the roll of wrapping paper the wrong way on the machine. I think it looks a bit like ghost chocolate.

This is what happens when you’re too tired after work: you accidentally buy papers for $60


Marbled ice cream cake

Marbling, like all other things in life, have a proper time and place. Namely, all the time and everywhere. Especially when you’re baking. This is a marbled ice cream cake. It’s the yummiest cake I know, and when done right, it’s the prettiest too.

The last picture is one of my marbled papers. It’s done in a fan pattern, which is the pattern I’ve described how to make on the cake.

If anybody wants to make the cake, and can’t find Daim chocolate, tell me and I’ll send it to you. It’s actually the chocolate I work with making, so…


I have realised, again, that we eat far too much chocolate. Yes, today us my first day at work at Marabou, the Swedish chocolate factory that’s located conveniently close to where I live, and where I’m working night shift this week. And I think we’ve produced about six tons of chocolate – and that’s just my shift, and my small part of the factory.

It’s starting to get light outside, and I’m actually not that tired. Maybe I’ll even have some chocolate.

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