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I have lost all sense of proportion

(I know I said something about writing part two of last blog post, but I haven’t had time to take the pictures that can properly illustrate why LARPing is a horrible idea. So instead…)

There’s a store at the chocolate factory where I work. They sell chocolate. Cheap chocolate. To start with, most of the factory’s production at reduced prices, but the best part is the chocolate that went wrong in some way. Wrong sell by-date, wrong language on the packaging, strawberry flavour where no strawberry flavour should be – stuff they can’t sell in stores. They sell it there instead. Really cheap. Three kronor each for the dark chocolate bars that usually costs around 20 kronor. Forty kronor for a box with twenty-four bags of daim pieces.

And the thing is, since I handle about six to ten tons of chocolate very day, my sense of proportion is completely wrecked. This looks like scarily little chocolate. Will it really be enough, now that the store has closed for four weeks? (No, I’m not going to eat it all myself, but I try to always have candy with me, to all of my friends, all the time, because… I don’t know, to show them why they’re my friends. Even my poor penpals don’t go safe…)


24 bags of Daim pieces. 24 bars of Digestive crumb chocolate (with accidental strawberry flavouring). 23 bars of dark chocolate. 3 bars of almond/seasalt light chocolate. Two boxes of pralines. Three bags of assorted filled chocolates. 16 assorted small chocolate bars.


Possibly planning world domination

I’ve just had the most interesting theological discussion in a long while, about needing both darkness and light to find the truth and other related topics.

It’s for a LARP.

Other than theology, we’re planning how we will eat b
etter than all other groups on the LARP, the precise details of our prayer pillows and how the fabric in our clothes would have been dyed.

The planning really is the best part of LARPing…

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