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Artist trading card and lots of plans

This last half year has been very unproductive, as far as bookbinding goes. I still haven’t unpacked my bookbinding stuff. It’s horrible. The only creative things I’ve been able to make are small paper crafts, like a couple of Artist Trading Cards.




But things are happening! My roommate and I just bought a screen-printing kit that’s on it’s way here. We’re going to print t-shirts and fabric and PAPER! Paper that I can hopefully even try to sell. Otherwise I will have far too much paper soon.

I’m also going to hold a workshop with some of my NaNoWriMo participants where they get to bind their own NaNoWriMo books. That is always exciting, to get to see what other people create when they make books.


Something in the mail

Work today was… not nice. I amused myself by planning to post pictures of the smallest book I’ve ever made. Yes, it’s smaller than this.

But that’ll have to wait for another day, because all unhappy feelings completely evaporated when I opened my family’s mailbox. There were letters! For me! Even one that I had to go and get at the post office.

One was a postcard from my bookbinding friend Stéphanie (who is in a lot of the parchment pictures – which reminds me, I have to write the final post on that!). Two was from swap-bot swaps. And then… do you see what’s under the letters? Yes, that’s another letter. Here, let me give you a better view:


This penpal and I have a bit of a competition going on, about who can write the strangest letters. I was honestly impressed this time. But my response will win me the victory, I just know it…

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