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The most beautiful Christmas Candy ever is really easy to make

Okay, let’s not talk about the fact that it’s almost one year since I last posted anything.

Let’s talk about marbling. Mmm, marbling…. and let’s talk about chocolate.

Like so:


It looks fantastic. And tastes wonderful. And is actually very easy to make.

You’ll need:

200g milk chocolate
60g coconut oil/coconut butter. (If you can’t find it, skip this part, and you’ll have marbled chocolate instead of ice chocolate)
50g white chocolate
50g dark chocolate

Melt milk chocolate and coconut oil and stir them together. Put a piece of parchment paper (that is, baking paper, not actual parchment – since this is mainly a bookbinding blog, I thought I should add that) in a large pan or a tray, anything with a flat bottom. Spread the ice chocolate on the parchment paper.

Before the chocolate hardens, melt the white and the dark chocolate, and use it to make a lot of horizontal lines across the ice chocolate. The white chocolate might be a bit hard to do fine lines with, it usually only want to come off the spoon in big clumps. That’s fine. It’ll be pretty in the end anyways.



Use the end of a match or something else (I used a large knitting needle) to draw lines across the white and dark chocolate. Draw them pretty close together. Be careful so that the needle or match doesn’t drip chocolate all over your pattern.



Draw lines from the top left to bottom right, four or five centimeters apart.  Then do the same but from the top right to bottom right. Allow me to illustrate in Paint:

solfjäderLike that. But prettier. Now you have a fan pattern! (Or you could make any other sort of pattern, of course. This is just the prettiest, if you ask me.)

Put the chocolate to cool in the fridge for at least half an hour, and you’re done! Now you just have to take a picture to show me!




The first book I’ve made in far too long

…is a cake!

Made for the Thank God It’s Over party that my NaNoWriMo region had. We have this tradition where we each year choose one strange thing that we all try to put in our novels, and this year it was a drunk seagull, hence the title (Adventures of a Drunk Seagull).



Cake! More cake!

So, these are the cakes my friend and I made for our housewarming party last weekend:

Rainbow cake with small marshmallows.

“Fancycake” invented by me: Sponge cake covered with saffron meringue covered with white chocolate truffle covered with dark chocolate and decorated with gold leaf just because I could. My mother’s a vegan, so I made her a fruit salad, but I knew she’d be disappointed if she didn’t get a chance to eat gold, so I put some on top.

Carrot cake with lime and ginger frosting and small marzipan carrots.

Then my flatmate panicked because she thought we wouldn’t have enough cake, and made an apple cake and two kinds of biscuits. It was a nice party.

Marbled ice cream cake

Marbling, like all other things in life, have a proper time and place. Namely, all the time and everywhere. Especially when you’re baking. This is a marbled ice cream cake. It’s the yummiest cake I know, and when done right, it’s the prettiest too.

The last picture is one of my marbled papers. It’s done in a fan pattern, which is the pattern I’ve described how to make on the cake.

If anybody wants to make the cake, and can’t find Daim chocolate, tell me and I’ll send it to you. It’s actually the chocolate I work with making, so…

It’s good to be home again

Last week was crazy. Moving to Stockholm, working night shift and then travelling back to Leksand for a friends graduation… but now I feel like I can maybe, hopefully start to relax a bit. Today, I’ve even been able to sit at the computer for more than five minutes in a row! I also got some sort of a productivity attack, so I have picked flowers and candied them (coat them in egg white mixed with water, dip in sugar, let dry) to use as cake decorations.



I’ve also become too used to making my own bread to like store-bought bread any more, so I baked some, using the porridge leftovers from this morning as a base.


Now I’m sitting reading fanfiction and crocheting. Life is pretty good sometimes.

If this unnatural calm continues, I’m going to write up the last weeks of college in blog posts. I know everybody are holding their breaths waiting to know what happened with the parchment. And I have to show you what high school graduation looks like in Sweden – in the case of my friend, for example, graduation looks gorgeous, because I made her dress for her…

Princess’ cake


In Sweden, we have a kind of cake called Prinsesstårta, Princess’ Cake. It’s covered in green marzipan and has a marzipan rose on top. Me and Fanny did… another interpretation on the name, for a friend who had a princess-themed birthday party.


I was going to write something thoughtful here, but then my whole evening just disappeared. Have some cake instead!

Chocolate cake that me and a friend made for a vampire-loving girl’s birthday.



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