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A box. Or, wait, four boxes.





I was going to make a post about something completely different, but it was harder than I thought to find all the pictures that I wanted. So here is instead a cool box I made. The swirly things are what keeps the lid shut. It’s also posing with three other boxes I made that aren’t nearly as fancy.


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2 thoughts on “A box. Or, wait, four boxes.

  1. I’m getting into box making too. I have found it to be harder than it looks. But like all crafts, practice makes… well, much better boxes. How difficult is it to make a round box like the one I see in your photo?

    • It’s horrible! Or, at least I’m not very good at cutting out circles. And the cover material I used didn’t want to work with me. But I think it’s easier than I think…

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