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Remember that thing I said about marbling?



Because I do. All the time and everywhere, I said.

Every night for the past week when I’ve been preparing for bed, I’ve thought about how the striped toothpaste might possibly… and then I start brushing my teeth, because when you rise at 04:30 in the morning, you’re too tired for that sort of things.

But yesterday I got fed up with just thinking about it. I used a toothpick to make some kind of fan pattern (on the left) and some sort of double comb pattern (on the right).

And then I brushed my teeth and went to bed (one and a half hour too late).



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2 thoughts on “Remember that thing I said about marbling?

  1. Hey, that marbling thing will haunt you. I’m seeing it in clouds, sand, soup… it’s in my dreams. It’s even in my morning coffee!

    • Oh yes, the coffee – or hot chocolate for me. One day, I’ll have my barista friend teach me latte art, since that’s basically marbling.

      But yes, marbling… warps your brain a bit. Patterned paper in general, too. Anything, really anything, can make you go “Oh, that would be a great paper”.

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