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Till the day I die

Next weekend, I’m going to a LARP (live acting role play or something like that – lajv in Swedish). I’ll be a novice in a convent follwing the (fictional) Saint Tuva of the truth, at the moment fleeing from the war that has already taken our village, Glimminge.

We’re a pretty serious group, with lots and lots of backstory-making, clothes-sewing and of course song-writing. The music to this song is written by my friend Sara, the lyrics by me. Another friend and group member, Björn, sang it in harmony with himself.

The song has the same title as the LARP: Till the day I die

Rough translation from Swedish:

The sun that rose is already sinking
The day that broke has turned to night
And in the hearth, the glow is fading
Saint Tuva’s folk is fleeing

From our home we have been driven away
Our Glimminge is wrecked
In ours hearts it will remain
Our village is with us where we go

So dark is the night around us true ones
So cold the storm sweeping around us
In shadows are we alone
Only Tuva is always with us

If the truth shall be victorious at last
You have to keep the light with you
And through the darkness follow the way
Where Tuva takes you towards the truth

Of our world only ruins are left
So dark the night in front of us
But within me, a light is still shining
It will shine till the day I die.


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One thought on “Till the day I die

  1. Agnetha on said:

    Stannar förbi och kollar in din blogg 🙂
    Agnetha (Swap-bot)

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