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Life likes me

The sad news first (sad to me, that is) – The machine bookbinding company where I worked four years ago went broke and closed. I’m really sorry for that, a little bit because I was thinking of asking for work there again, but mostly because I really liked the place and the people. It was my first real job, and I was good at it and liked there.

The good news, then – They had some six packs of paper (and that’s the big, uncut sheets of paper I’m used to, about 70×90 cm), some books and some other interesting stuff. And a friend of my father who worked there (the one who got me the job in the first place) made sure I got all of them! They’re now crammed into my really full storage room waiting for when I have space enough to make a small workshop. 

And I got a cutting machine from another of my father’s friends, so now I really have all I need to get started. Except space, of course.

I can’t really say how fantastic this is. 


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6 thoughts on “Life likes me

  1. I can relate. I was dismissed from 18 years of service at a print shop because of lack of work. But on the brighter side, I am now a full-time bookbinder. More fun, less money. I am now deeply involved with my craft and it feels great!

  2. And every time you use the equipment and paper you can tip your hat to them, which always feels good (in a slightly sad way).

  3. You totally scored! That is awesome that you were able to get that paper. Though I am sorry you missed out on a job opportunity! best of luck. I am glad to meet you on Swap=bot. I will keep reading your blog.. I see many interesting articles.

  4. I love your blog, first of all. Bookbinding is just one more craft that I’ve always wanted to try and never got around to. I have a few handbound books and the craftsmanship is amazing. Awesome find on the paper and the machine!

    Alex Sparrow
    [thehousesparrow @ SwapBot]

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