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It’s good to be home again

Last week was crazy. Moving to Stockholm, working night shift and then travelling back to Leksand for a friends graduation… but now I feel like I can maybe, hopefully start to relax a bit. Today, I’ve even been able to sit at the computer for more than five minutes in a row! I also got some sort of a productivity attack, so I have picked flowers and candied them (coat them in egg white mixed with water, dip in sugar, let dry) to use as cake decorations.



I’ve also become too used to making my own bread to like store-bought bread any more, so I baked some, using the porridge leftovers from this morning as a base.


Now I’m sitting reading fanfiction and crocheting. Life is pretty good sometimes.

If this unnatural calm continues, I’m going to write up the last weeks of college in blog posts. I know everybody are holding their breaths waiting to know what happened with the parchment. And I have to show you what high school graduation looks like in Sweden – in the case of my friend, for example, graduation looks gorgeous, because I made her dress for her…


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