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I’m too tired to save the world

I’m going to the forest tomorrow for two days of camp-building and plotting, and three days of singing, praying and hopefully saving the world. The fictional world of Kastaria, that is.

These last two days have been filled with preparations. I needed to fix my green wool dress, so now it’s got thirty new hand-sewn buttonholes and five new hand-sewn buttons. I hope to even out the numbers tomorrow, in the car. I’ve written two new songs, and dyed papers in tea (and put them on the bathroom walls to dry, which actually worked surprisingly well) to print song books and a recipe book on. I’ve made toffee that I can give to everybody while we’re in character, and brought chocolate to give to everybody while we’re out of character. Both me and my character really believes in solving everything with sweets.


Till the day I die

Next weekend, I’m going to a LARP (live acting role play or something like that – lajv in Swedish). I’ll be a novice in a convent follwing the (fictional) Saint Tuva of the truth, at the moment fleeing from the war that has already taken our village, Glimminge.

We’re a pretty serious group, with lots and lots of backstory-making, clothes-sewing and of course song-writing. The music to this song is written by my friend Sara, the lyrics by me. Another friend and group member, Björn, sang it in harmony with himself.

The song has the same title as the LARP: Till the day I die

Rough translation from Swedish:

The sun that rose is already sinking
The day that broke has turned to night
And in the hearth, the glow is fading
Saint Tuva’s folk is fleeing

From our home we have been driven away
Our Glimminge is wrecked
In ours hearts it will remain
Our village is with us where we go

So dark is the night around us true ones
So cold the storm sweeping around us
In shadows are we alone
Only Tuva is always with us

If the truth shall be victorious at last
You have to keep the light with you
And through the darkness follow the way
Where Tuva takes you towards the truth

Of our world only ruins are left
So dark the night in front of us
But within me, a light is still shining
It will shine till the day I die.

Glad midsommar!

I thought I’d take some pictures of our traditional Swedish midsummer celebrations to show you.

I didn’t.

These are the pictures that I did take in midsummer’s eve yesterday – My friend Sara, as she looks at work. The shawl I’m crocheting, and how well the color goes with my hair. The litter in the metro station, that’s nicer on midsummer’s eve than on any other day in the year.




Weaving a book

This is a book I made in my first year in Leksand. We had just learned stitching over ribbons stretched across the spine, and I wanted to combine it with the ribbon-weaving I’d learned the previous year at Mora Folkhögskola. All my weaving equipment was packed in boxes somewhere (still a often-encountered problem for me, whatever the subject), so I made my own using cardboard (If anybody knows the English name for this thing, please tell me. I call it bandgrind).

I let three warps run parallel with a few centimeters’ space between them, each one about half a centimeter wide. I punched holes in the paper with the same spaces between them.

After weaving a couple of decimeters of the ribbons, I started stitching the book. When the thread came out on the spine of the signature, I let it run through the warp, becoming part of the weft. When the book was as thick as I wanted it, I weaved the rest of the warp.

The cover is embroidered with one of the threads I used for the ribbon, with holes punched in it that the ribbon passes through, thus securing the cover to the bookblock. The spine is glued and rounded, which was a bit of a mistake. The brownish glue didn’t really look good on the ribbons. Next time I’ll make something even better. I have an idea about learning tablet weaving – then I could weave patterns, and maybe even letters to form the title of the book!

Life likes me

The sad news first (sad to me, that is) – The machine bookbinding company where I worked four years ago went broke and closed. I’m really sorry for that, a little bit because I was thinking of asking for work there again, but mostly because I really liked the place and the people. It was my first real job, and I was good at it and liked there.

The good news, then – They had some six packs of paper (and that’s the big, uncut sheets of paper I’m used to, about 70×90 cm), some books and some other interesting stuff. And a friend of my father who worked there (the one who got me the job in the first place) made sure I got all of them! They’re now crammed into my really full storage room waiting for when I have space enough to make a small workshop. 

And I got a cutting machine from another of my father’s friends, so now I really have all I need to get started. Except space, of course.

I can’t really say how fantastic this is. 

It’s good to be home again

Last week was crazy. Moving to Stockholm, working night shift and then travelling back to Leksand for a friends graduation… but now I feel like I can maybe, hopefully start to relax a bit. Today, I’ve even been able to sit at the computer for more than five minutes in a row! I also got some sort of a productivity attack, so I have picked flowers and candied them (coat them in egg white mixed with water, dip in sugar, let dry) to use as cake decorations.



I’ve also become too used to making my own bread to like store-bought bread any more, so I baked some, using the porridge leftovers from this morning as a base.


Now I’m sitting reading fanfiction and crocheting. Life is pretty good sometimes.

If this unnatural calm continues, I’m going to write up the last weeks of college in blog posts. I know everybody are holding their breaths waiting to know what happened with the parchment. And I have to show you what high school graduation looks like in Sweden – in the case of my friend, for example, graduation looks gorgeous, because I made her dress for her…


I have realised, again, that we eat far too much chocolate. Yes, today us my first day at work at Marabou, the Swedish chocolate factory that’s located conveniently close to where I live, and where I’m working night shift this week. And I think we’ve produced about six tons of chocolate – and that’s just my shift, and my small part of the factory.

It’s starting to get light outside, and I’m actually not that tired. Maybe I’ll even have some chocolate.

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