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Princess’ cake


In Sweden, we have a kind of cake called Prinsesstårta, Princess’ Cake. It’s covered in green marzipan and has a marzipan rose on top. Me and Fanny did… another interpretation on the name, for a friend who had a princess-themed birthday party.


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5 thoughts on “Princess’ cake

  1. Tvärsan on said:

    That’s a wonderful looking cake. Wow.

  2. Such an adorable cake. Don’t think I’ll be able to destroy the artwork by eating it!

  3. That cake looks like the perfect party cake. I wish I knew how to decorate cakes. I have heard that marzipan has a different type of flavor. What do you think? Do you like the flavor? I am having fun poking around the blog. Thanks for the interesting tidbits.

    • Do you mean different than fondant? I don’t know much about it, since marzipan (or sometimes almond paste) is what we decorate cakes with in Sweden. But I love the taste of it =)

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