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Giving gifts

Is there anything better, really?

Well, yes, of course it is, and you should know that. Marbling papers.

But next to marbling papers, giving gifts absolutely is the best thing in the world.

I’m not necessarily good at it. I forget birthdays. I panic at Christmas (luckily my brothers are as bad as me – there is a collective “you’ll get your present later” said at Christmas Eve and that’s that).

But when I do remember a birthday, and get an idea, I can go completely overboard with gift-making. It’s not enough to make homemade toffee, I have to make a box for them too. It’s not enough to make a pair of miniature book earrings, I have to make a box for them. Then a gift box to put the box in. And a pop up birthday card (I think I managed to stop somewhere around then). When I’m making stuff that will (hopefully)

Sometimes I worry about going too far. I don’t want people to feel pressed to give me stuff. I hope the birthdays I forget don’t stand out too much. I hope I won’t ruin myself buying stamps enough for the rather heavy letters I send (but I just keep thinking of more stuff that my penpals might possibly like and then I have to send it).

Also, the one who gives the best presents wins, right?


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One thought on “Giving gifts

  1. Fanny on said:

    Hmm, I know some of those examples…

    We totally have a contest =P But a good one.
    I’m still awaiting your answer about what you want for christmas.

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