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You do not want to miss this…

…if you like writing, ceramics, art, absurdity, genius or any of the above.

Karin Eklund is a Swedish ceramics artist studying in Norway, and I heartily recommend that you check out her blog, especially this post about a new universe, illustrated with ceramics.

 The new universe was first discovered in the 1960’s by a fluke in the piping. A team of four German scientists were sent there to investigate. It wasn’t until they came back and tried to explain that everyone realised that no one spoke German. And before they could send in a new team to investigate this exciting new universe, a plumber from Swindon fixed the piping problem and with that also the only known gateway to the new universe. But no one forgot its existence…

Are you still here? Why? Go read the rest and look at the pretty pictures!

(Don’t be scared off by the fact that the introduction is written in Swedish. The story is in English, and google translate can help you with the rest.)


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