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The best thing in the world

Let me tell you: It’s marbled papers. There is nothing, nothing better than making a pattern that turns out just like you want it, or completely different but even more awesome. Let me show you true happiness:

(all of them made by me, of course)


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7 thoughts on “The best thing in the world

  1. Madelen on said:

    Du börjar bli jäkligt bra på det här nu! Med andra ord, GUD så vackra marmoreringar!!!!!!!!! Och jag menar det verkligen! Du är bäst Alba! (förlåt för alla utropstecken men jag menar varenda ett)

  2. All of these are stunning. But my personal favorite is the one that looks like autumn leaves. That is just…yeah…that’s just fantastic.

    :::single tear:::

  3. I have to agree. There is something very special about marbled papers. Perhaps it is the truly unique aspect of each creation. Each is one of a kind. The process looks to be very messy and time consuming, but the results are stunning!

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