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A bit of self-confidence

In seventh grade, a friend told me I had a bad singing voice.

Never tell that to anyone.

I mean it. Even if it’s painfully true. For me, it probably wasn’t even true. It’s certainly not true today, after seven years of singing in various choirs, but I still have no confidence in it.

Then, today. Some of you might know that the choir I sing in right now is what can only be called ridiculously small. When we’re all there, we’re five. Well, seven if you count the leader and her nine months old son, which we don’t. At the moment, two of them are away. Of the three that are left, two said they couldn’t be there less than an hour before practice today.

That left one person. Me. And I wasn’t very happy about it. That is, until I got there, and choir practice turned into a personal vocal lesson.

I learned so much. Things about breathing. Things I do wrong, and what to do about them. That my choir leader thinks I have a good voice.

I feel much better now about the concert next week (where our great choir will be more of a duet, actually). I got motivated to go to a vocal coach when I move home this summer.

And I have much more confidence in my singing voice myself.


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